Thursday, August 13, 2009

जाली नोटों को पहचानने की तमीज ही फिलहाल बचने का एक मात्र रास्ता है !

दोस्तों !
जाली नोटों को पहचानना ही उससे बचने का फिलहाल एक मात्र रास्ता है /क्यो की ना तो सरकार और ना ही स्थानीय प्रशाशन किसी किस्म इमदाद को तैयार है लिहाजा आपकी समझ ही आप की सच्ची दोस्त है / तो आईये निचे दिए चित्रों को देख कर असली और नकली नोटों में फरक समझ कर याद रखिये और दुश्मन देश की हिम्मत तोड़ डालिए -


Babli said...

Thanks a lot for visiting my blog and for your lovely comment. Good to hear that you are an astrologer. Will it be possible for you to tell something about myself?
I liked your blog very much. Lovely post.

S B Tamare said...

it is nice of you that you have reposed the trust and chosen me to provide astro-advise.
no bizarre that the alone thing which i like to introduce through all mine blog is providing genuine astro-advise. For this you have to mail me you birth data that should be correct up to pin point as kp system's single requirement is correct birth data to explore pith of one's life.
in lieu of it , our alone request for every one is that that you will have to haunt very often to mine blogs.
at last, thanks a lot for visiting my blogs.